Similarities & Differences between Web & Print Advertising

There are several similarities & differences between web & print advertising. The two forms of advertising have a lot in common in such a way they all aim at delivering the message about a given brand to the audience. Print media was the first to be introduced after which web advertisement was incorporated. Before you decide on a given form of communication which you can incorporate in your day to day running of your business, you need to check on the benefits associated with the different forms of communication. Some of the similarities and differences which you will notice when comparing the two forms of advertisement include the following:

Difference between print and web based advertising

Print media

It is a form of communication where the mass receives news through printed publications. The publications can be in form of newspapers, magazines, flyers among other forms of hard copy which people have to read.

Web advertising

It is a way of advertising products and services through electronic mass media. It can incorporate different ways of communication such as through the internet. There is no exchange of hard copy materials. The mass can access the information through accessing the internet. It is the most recent form of advertisement which can be carried out through social media sites or even on search engines. Some of the differences between the two methods of advertising include the following:

Level of literacy required

In the print media, one should know how to read to access the information. It is a different case when taking into consideration the web advertisement where people can even watch videos and they will get to know the information being passed across. The web based advertisement can even come in form of audio which are presented in a given language. Even if you do not know how to read, you can easily get information from web advertisement which is unlike print media.

Deadline in news updating

In a print media, there are deadlines on when you need to provide the information so that it can be updated. It is a different case when using web advertisement. The information can be updated anytime which leads to easy access to the most recent information. Digital platforms such as social media make it easy for mass to access the latest information because even those who receive the information
can update it.

Live discussion


People will like to interact with a given advert and air out there views. The print media redistricts such form of discus because each person will access his or her own copy of the newspaper. It is a different case when compared to web advisement where readers are free to comment and interact with the content providers. The level of accuracy in web advertisement can even be questioned.

Level of coverage

The level of coverage in print media is less when compared to the level of coverage you can access in web advertisement. In web advertisement, you will tend to communicate to a wide range of people who can access the internet from any location. It is a different case when compared to print media where publications are only circulated in a small area.